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The benefit of bird net Author:            Release Time: 2016-10-26

For the purposes of protection of grapes , many farmers will also have the attitude that it does not matter half of people think is necessary, grapes can be used for shelves full cover  with strong       anti-bird netting is usually more appropriate , fastness is relatively better than that, for the ordinar varieties farmers perfectly acceptable , relatively low cost , with the average , compared with the   knots nets , more lightweight , for some fine fruit only can recommend nylon anti- bird netting ,     relatively high fastness can use more than 5 years .

Cherries should be noted that some customers would think of using a small piece of mesh , the Yi Keke tree cover up , tend to the small size of the network type , cherries and other fruits affected by exposure to birds is still comparatively serious infringement , cherry high prices sometimes will cause farmers to crop failure.

Japan's homegrown fruits are citrus, apples, pears , grapes, "rich" persimmon . According to the     Japanese Agricultural Association statistics, in 1999 the Japanese pear area of 16,900 hm2, of 390,400 t, listing the amount of 361 300 t. An area larger than 1000hm2 main origin of Tottori , Ibaraki Chiba , Fukushima , Nagano five counties ; yield greater than 10000t prefectural Chiba , Tottori       Ibaraki , Nagano , Fukushima , Tochigi, Saitama , Fukuoka , Kumamoto and Aichi .

Japan's large number of birds , pecking fruit serious as to avoid bird damage , pear four weeks     and install anti- bird netting over the bird can not fly into the pear ;

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