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The Scope and effect of Antiscattering net Author:            Release Time: 2016-10-26

Antiscattering Network Use: coal yard, junkyard fence, metallurgy stockyard, thermal power coal   yard, coal chemical projects, all the necessary ports and other open-air yard dust storm.

Antiscattering net net Features: windproof performance "Conon" Wind Dust Network openings   was 40%, and single  double mesh structure, with superior wind performance; "Conon" wind suppression dust protection within the network so that the wind speed reduced by 80% or more! Its       special weave way that is not behind the formation of vortex network; using the flexible structure, wind resistance than when the rigid structure of the wall can better absorb the wind. Firm texture, full-featured! "Conon" Wind Dust Network use is greater than  or  equal  to  95% of high-density polyethylene (HDPE), in the production of raw materials by adding anti-UV agents, anti-aging         agents, flame retardants, crosslinking enhancer, etc.; windproof high safety factor, flame longer      than 4S; solid and durable, tensile coefficient, impact factor in line with namur national standards. Can effectively absorb the sun's ultraviolet light, for urban landscaping. As the raw      material quality is excellent, the service life in the natural environment in more than two decades!

Security mainteance: simple, efficient, high quality, low price Flexible net weight, simple and rapid installation, maintenance, saving time and effort; easy tailored according to user needs, to meet     the specific needs of customers; cheaper, almost no aftercare.

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