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 In this spring season with blooming flowers of 2012 when snow melt and gurgling streams.

 Weihai Changrong Netting GearCo.,Ltd. bathed inthe warm spring breeze, carrying the hope of tomorrow, steadily join in nets production industry like shining morning glow !

Changrong netting was co-created with funds by senior producers whohave more then 20      years' exprerience in plastic nets products.The management ofthe company

adhere to advanced production and management concepts, scientific management                 methodsand high quality management requirements.

The company who always adhere to the production and management purposes of "survive by qulity, efficiency from management"  follow market rules and fultill customers' ideas and producecustomer satisfaction products by high-quality service,first-class quality and rapid and timely         production efficiency.

 Work delicately, we down to earth;Mind the world, we are Ambitious;Based on Changrong,   we look to the future.

Since the company was founded,We set sail toward the distant goal. We uphold the concept  of "integrity and quality",we overcome all difficulties and sweat work together to write a glorious chapter of Changrong!

We firmly believe that tomorrow will be even better, because it is not only ideal, but also it is hope. It's beautiful like grass around and jade tied on gorgeous clothes. The chairman of company Mr.Zhang zongren and General Manager Peng Ting sincerely  welcome friends from home  and       abroad join hands and strive for the better, co-knit blueprint  and sincere cooperaeon.

Best Regards!

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